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Country in the Spotlight: Cyprus

Cyprus is the third largest and most well-known island in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. The island is characterised by many as the island of Beauty and Love, as is also known as the island of Aphrodite. The island’s strategic geopolitical position established it in the area as a ‘bridge’ between three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa. Cyprus, with its astonishing natural beauty and long history, is a ‘paradise on earth’.

Flamingos on Cyprus

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It is one of the safest places to live in and its people are friendly and welcoming to visitors. Most people speak English fluently and the island is well-known for its hospitality. As such, Cyprus is a great place for those that would like to study in Europe as an international student, giving you the opportunity to have an unforgettable student experience.

Small, but magical

Cyprus, although a small island, is filled with magical places to visit. The island is known for its golden beaches, light turquoise seas, green forests, beautiful weather and long cultural history. Each part of the island has something exceptional and different to offer. Grab the opportunity to be astonished by Cyprus’ authentic natural beauty and magical landscapes.

Cyprus is small and it is easy to travel around, so you can enjoy the beach life and mountain adventures during the very same day. Cyprus is an island with 10,000 years of human history offering visitors amazing scenery and a huge range of things to do. If you want to learn more about the civilisation of this island, then you should visit some of its archaeological sites, historical museums and many churches. Additionally, if you are a sports fan, the island with its breath-taking landscapes and Mediterranean climate, is the ideal place for skiing, hiking, cycling and, of course, water sports all year round.

Cypriot beach

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The island is also famous for its traditional cuisine. Enjoy Mediterranean dishes made from local ingredients. During the summer, the island’s nightlife really takes off, as music, art and dance are essential parts of its social life. Thousands of events in different cities provide plenty of opportunities to enjoy time with your friends.

Leading in business and finance

As a leading business and financial centre, the island has particular strengths in tourism, consultancy, shipping, telecommunications, banking and insurance. Cyprus provides an ideal setting for higher education and it has become a major international education centre, attracting students from all over the world. This cultural diversity makes it a forum for international understanding.

Government policy aims to establish Cyprus as a hub for international students. The higher education system in Cyprus is shaped by the European Higher Education Area, as outlined by the Bologna Process. Every year, higher education institutions offer many programmes that are taught in English, at all levels. Being a student in Cyprus is a special privilege, since the country offers plenty of activities that welcome, support and mentor international students. This status opens the door to subsidised meals, transportation, accommodation and many more benefits. Plus, as a student, you will be able to work during your study period and to enjoy the quality of life around your campus.

What students value most when studying in Cyprus is the quality of education, the support of the professors, the multicultural environment, and the range of opportunities to be found here.

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