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Country in the spotlight: France

By choosing to study in France, not only will you gain an internationally-recognised degree and expand your career prospects, you will also experience its rich culture, its stunning landscapes, vibrant cities, a multicultural society and the art of living à la française.

Here are numerous reasons why you should consider France as the country to study

France offers you a high quality higher education, with many opportunities for research. There is a wide  choice of different study and research programmes that are adapted to students’ needs. There are also a large number of scholarships available for international students to help fund their studies in France. French higher education offers you the chance to explore your talents, while guided by professors who encourage you to excel.

France is a major economy, and home to 31 of the 500 largest companies in the world. Think of Renault, Carrefour or Christian Dior. Entrepreneurship and innovation are important hallmarks of French business and many startups are created in France.

France is also famous for its culture. Each city has its own festivals, museums and landmarks. The French really love to celebrate with various fêtes and festivals. For instance, the Fête de la musique, where people listen to live music and go dancing in the streets or the spectacular firework shows on 14 July (Bastille Day). In France, there are over 40 UNESCO cultural heritage sites. No wonder that France is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Students under 26 can visit most museums for free, so you will not be short on arts and culture.

View on the Louvre

Paris from above

The French are proud of their language, which is the fifth most widely-spoken language worldwide. Learning French is a real asset: in business and in international news, French is used very often. It is actually the most studied language after English. However, for those who have  not yet mastered the language of Molière, French higher education institutions also offer more than 1300 programmes that are fully or partially taught in English.

If you want to get to know France in a unique way, consider studying there. It will be the experience of a lifetime. Visit France’s country profile for more information about your options and on how to apply.

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