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Country in the Spotlight: Slovenia

Being a student in Slovenia is a special privilege, since the country offers plenty of activities that welcome, support and mentor international students. Your status enables you to get subsidized meals, transportation, accommodation and many more benefits. Plus, as a student, you will be able to work during your study period.

There are many opportunities for students joining research teams and projects, that bring them closer to the world of work. Slovenia has many outstanding achievements in research as well as world renowned industry. These range from niche world famous production and design, top-rated culinary products and chefs, to life changing scientific contributions or magnificent sport triumphs.


photo by: Sloveniainfo

Every year, higher education institutions offer many programmes that are being taught in English, on all levels. Additionally, learning Slovenian is being made easier with many courses offered online or in person.

For many foreign students tuition fees are not applicable. For those that need to pay, the costs are lower than in many other countries. Slovenia also offers scholarships making studying more accessible.

What students value most when studying in Slovenia is the quality of education, the support of the professors, the multicultural environment, and the welcoming activities by their Slovenian buddies. All appreciate the safe, green and friendly environment they arrive to and even try their best to learn the language that makes their life a bit easier.

Outdoor spectacle

photo by: Sloveniainfo

By being on the crossroads of many other European countries, Slovenia truly is a mixture of Mediterranean spirit, Balkan hospitality, Central European history and European values, tradition and habits. This reflects in the exquisite cuisine, remarkable architecture and a welcoming culture. There is much more to be told, but instead Slovenia welcomes you to discover and experience it yourself. So, be welcome to come, live and study in Slovenia, the only country in the world with love in its name!

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