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Today: Mar. 21, 2023
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Country in the Spotlight: the Netherlands

Where the fresh sea wind blows, the tulips grow, and where a certain Mr Van Gogh was born. People often know it by stereotypes like clogs (wooden shoes) or cheese – and everybody knows Amsterdam. But there is much more to this little country than meets the eye!

Did you know that the Netherlands are often referred to as Holland, but that Holland is actually a province? And the inhabitants are called the ‘Dutch’, as is the language? Did you know the language is also spoken on some Caribbean islands and in Suriname? Be sure to read on if you want to know more about this diverse country!


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Innovative and pioneering

If you are looking for a rapidly developing and innovative country, you have come to the right place as the Netherlands are ranked 2nd in the Global Innovation Index of 2018.

A pioneer in water management and sustainable technology, but so small that it fits in the USA roughly 235 times. That’s what makes the Netherlands a truly unique country.

Connected to Europe

One of the many benefits of the Netherlands is the perfect location which serves as a gateway to the rest of Europe. Not only do the Netherlands possess an amazing public transport infrastructure, it also possesses fast direct connections to the rest of Europe. Want to go to Paris for a day or two? No problem, by train you’ll be there in 2½ hours. Always wondered how big Big Ben actually is? Find out in a mere 3½ hours by train. Want to party in Berlin? Work on some projects during the 5½ hours it takes to get you there by train and party without a worry.

High English proficiency

The Netherlands have two official languages; Dutch and West-Frisian. But you need not worry about ever having to speak either of those: in 2018 the Dutch were ranked 2nd most English proficient out of all non-native English-speaking countries, meaning you won’t have any trouble communicating.

At the time of writing, there are more English-taught master programmes than Dutch ones. In total, there are over 2,100 programmes taught in English, so there is plenty to choose from. Not only are most programmes taught in English, but the quality and methods of Dutch higher education are exceptional and ranked among the best of the world.

Finding a job in the larger cities without being able to speak Dutch will not be a problem, as many large cities have internationalised rapidly and staff are always needed in the restaurants, hotels and bars.


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Project based learning

Dutch education lays the emphasis on project-based learning, meaning the learning process is enhanced by using real-life projects. For instance, to learn how to create a marketing plan, you will be assigned a real-life case or even a sponsor company to conduct the research on. This gives students a direct link between the  theory learned in class and the working world.

So, do you want to study in one of the most innovative, well located, and international countries of the world? The Netherlands are ready for you: are you ready for the Netherlands??

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