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Improve your English language skills

The British Council’s Learn English website is a free-of-charge resource to help you.

Each year, 100 000s of students from around the world move to Europe to follow a degree programme taught in English. Many speak English as a second (or even third, fourth, fifth…!) language.

Usually, before you enrol, the university or college will specify what level of English you need to be accepted onto the programme. Some may ask you to take a formal test, follow a course, or have certain qualifications to demonstrate that your language skills meet the standard. Ask your university or college – they will advise you on what you need to do.

If, however, you want to improve your English language skills informally, for your own benefit, the British Council’s LearnEnglish website is here to help!

Each year, over 20 million people worldwide use LearnEnglish – from beginners to the practically-perfect.

With LearnEnglish you can:

  • Practise and improve your English via films, audio materials and written exercises
  • Get tips about how to prepare for English language exams
  • Interact with other learners

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