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Privacy Policy

Heartiest thanks for offering a check out to our website. The privacy policy runs and carries out the privacy policy of our site,https://uiec.study/contact-us/ and its end-users that determine to utilize it. This privacy policy notifies you concerning how we actually utilize the personal information gathered at this site.

Prior to using this site or providing any sort of personal information you are asked to read this personal privacy policy. When you utilize this website, you accept the practices asset in the given privacy plan. Although these techniques can be modified and certainly be published, modifications will only cover activities and information on an ahead and not on an attendant basis.


Kindly review the privacy plan at the time of exploring the site to make sure that you thoroughly comprehend how any individual specifics you provide will be used. This policy covers various domains wherein individual privacy is worried also as it sketches the duties and the requirements of the end-users, its owners, and the website.

Besides, the way this site eventually processes, takes care of, and stores the individual details and facts, will likewise be methodically outlined in this plan. The title-holder of this site follows a clear policy to the user’s privacy and warranties that all the steps required are duly taken care of to shield the privacy of the end-users. This site stringently follows the entire Nationals regulations and needs for the privacy of the users.

What we actually collect


We might gather the given data, such as:

  • Name and title of the job
  • Contact information, such as e-mail id, etc
  • Demographic specifics, featuring postcode, first choices, besides likes
  • Certain various other facts appropriate to customer studies and/or offers.
  • Internal maintenance of the data

Market spin-offs and services that are made available Universal Immigration & Education Consultancy Ltd

Further, create products and services

From time-to-time mail promotions like e-mails including most current products, special offers, or any sort of facts which could be useful for you to utilize the e-mail id which was collected from you

Regularly to involve you in the objects of any type of market research. We will get in touch with you, through email, fax, phone, or postal mail. We can use the information to customize the site on the basis of your particular interest.

Exactly what we do with this data

This information is needed to find out your certain needs and provide you with remarkable service, the information will be considered for the following factors:

Making use of Cookies

Universal Immigration & Education Consultancy Ltd utilizes cookies to enhance the experience of the end-users when they explore it. Cookies are nothing but the minute files that are conserved, in the hard drive of the end-users PC to adhere to, conserve and save facts regarding the interactions and the usage of the site by the users. It makes it possible for the internet site through its webserver to provide users with a personalized and better experience on this site. In case the site visitors wish to refuse to take up the exercise and wish to conserve the cookies from this site on the hard disk of their PC, they should take all necessary actions in the inner security settings of their browser to block all cookies from this site and its external serving dealers.

This site might install a monitoring software program that properly scrutinizes its site visitors to much better comprehend just how they at some point use it. Other cookies could be appropriately saved in the hard drive of your PC by the external dealers when this site utilizes reference programs, any type of hyperlinks (sponsored), and/or adverts. Such cookies are utilized for conversion and for referral tracking, and they typically end up, post 30 days, some could last for a much longer time.

Contact and Exchanging Information

All the end-users involved in this site and/or its owners do the same purely at their own judgment and offer such type of individual information at their own risk. Until a period, it is not needed, neither has no usage whatsoever, the individual details of the end-users is stringently kept personal and stored in a secure method.


Although no efforts have actually been saved to make it a risk-free and protected form to email the procedures of your submission, the end-users need to do this at their own risk. The site and its owners use any information to provide you with added specifics entailing the products and services they extend or to aid you in responding to any sort of queries or inquiries you have.


The same covers having your particulars get you to sign up for any kind of email newsletter program which the site or its associates operate, and presentation of your contact details utilizing our website will be required to show that your express authorization was provided to send out the email newsletter from the company. Your details will not be shared with any 3rd party for any type of advertising or expressed targets.

E-mail Newsletter

This site runs an e-mail publication program, used to accordingly notify the customers concerning products and services provided by this site through the contact specifics utilizing our site will signify that your express approval was provided to send across the email newsletter from the company. The e-mail advertising and marketing functions provided in the site, and/or its owners, could use the tracking facilities inside the original email. The activity of the end-user could be tracked just to be kept in a databank for evaluation and assessment later. This data is used to refine future email operations and provide users with additional content depending on their movement.


External Links

Despite the fact, this site only aims to feature top quality, secure and relevant external links, that the end-users will do to adhere to the policy of caution, before going to any kind of external web hyperlinks as mentioned right with this site. Regardless of their finest tries, the owner of this site may not ensure or corroborate the content of any kind of externally connected site. Consequently, the users should note that any click on an external web link will be at their own risk even while this site and its owner will not be accountable for any damages that occurred.


Advertisements & Sponsored Links

The site may have certain sponsored links and ads as the same will generally be offered, by means of our advertising associates who have described the privacy policies involved in the promotions that they offer. When you click on any sort of advertising link, you will be routed to the site of the advertiser, by means of a recommendation program that might use cookies, and this will track the general amount of recommendations sent from this site.


The mere same might cover using cookies which could consequently be saved in the hard drive of your PC. So, the individuals must observe that they click into any sort of sponsored external link at their own risk even as this site and its owners might not be held accountable for any kind of harm caused.


Managing your personal specifics


You might opt to limit the selection or misuse of your personal details in the following manners:

Whenever you are aided to provide your information, by filling up a form on the website, you are at freedom not to give any type of info or fill up a form.

In case you have previously agreed to use your personal specifics, for the substance of direct advertising and marketing, you can alter your stand at any point in time, by writing to us at international@uiec.study

Social Media Tools

Interaction, involvement, and activities are taken part in through external social media tools that the site and its owner utilize that are subject to the terms and conditions along with the privacy policy of each offered social media separately.


The end-users are well encouraged to use the social media platforms smartly and communicate or engage them with much care and watchfulness involving their sheer privacy and personal information. The site and its owner will certainly never find any individual or extremely crucial specifics, via social media tools, and an egg-on to the individuals keen to talk to us about highly vital details to contact them, via the key interaction pathways, featuring telephone or email.