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Study in the UK

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, also known as the UK or Britain, is regarded as the world’s second most popular international study destination. The UK welcomes almost 460,000 international students from around the world each year. Having built a world-class education system, higher education in the UK is a model for many countries around the globe.

Why Study in the UK?

With around 162 higher education institutions across the UK, and a generous range of degree types, it makes sense that Britain is a popular destination in international education. The education system varies depending on where in the UK you choose to study, with some subtle differences. Regardless of where you study, you will receive high quality teaching from leading professionals. Any qualification gained in the UK will be highly regarded internationally.

Many of the UK universities and colleges are seen in the leading education ranking tables. In the 2019 QS World University Rankings, the UK has 4 institutions in the top 10. There are also 18 UK institutions in the top 100. The highest ranked is the University of Oxford, which occupies 5th place. It is followed by the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London, in 6th and 8th place respectively.



  • Population: 65,382,556 (2016)
  • Capital: London
  • Geographical size: 248,528 km2
  • GDP: €2.367 trillion (2016)
  • Official EU language(s): English
  • Currency: Pound sterling GBP

Higher education in the United Kingdom

  • Student visas and immigration: from Study UK and from Gov.uk
  • Scholarships and financial support
  • Number of higher education institutions: 163
  • Number of students in higher education: 2,495,800 (2012, Euromonitor International from national statistics/UNESCO)
  • Number of international students in higher education: 426,861 (2012, UNESCO)
  • Language of instruction: English language
  • Information on typical tuition fees
  • Average length of a full-time higher education programme in the UK:
    • Bachelor’s degree programme: Most are 3 years, a minority are 4 or more
    • Master’s degree programme: 1 year
    • Doctorate/PhD: 3 – 4 years

Scholarships and costs

There are many scholarships and financial support schemes for international students who wish to study in the UK.

​Many UK shops, restaurants and businesses offer substantial student discounts to help make your life affordable. You can also get cheap deals for train and bus tickets, and Student Unions offer great value food, entertainment and support.


Last year, over 420,000 students from 200 countries came to the UK for their higher education. In fact – the UK welcomes more international students than any other in the world except the USA!

Here are 5 reasons to study in the UK:

1.  Gain A World-Class Education

UK education is all about giving you the inspiration to develop your knowledge and skills, the freedom to be creative and the support to help you achieve your best. This attention to quality is reflected in the UK’s excellent results

2.  Open The Doors To Your Dream Career

A UK education can improve your career prospects and even boost your earnings:

  • Employers worldwide recognise a UK degree as a sign of high academic standards. One of the reasons is the focus on skills for the workplace. The UK ranks second in the world for university-industry collaboration (Annual Innovation Report, BISpdf).
  • According to the Tracking International Graduate Outcomespdf study, UK-educated international graduates achieve markedly higher average salaries than those who were educated at home.
3.  Join A Welcoming, Multicultural Community

In the UK, you will meet people of all countries, cultures and faiths. On campus over 16.8% of all students and 25% of academics and professors are from outside the UK. Coming here is a unique chance to share ideas with the world.

UK universities place a great deal of importance on support to help you enjoy your stay. All have staff dedicated to student welfare. Most campuses have international student societies too – these societies organise parties and activities to help you make friends with other students. There is a lot of support in the UK for students with disabilities and special educational needs too.

4.  Have A Unique Adventure

Across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, there’s so much to discover – from snowy mountains to sandy beaches, vibrant cities to sleepy villages, music festivals to museums… it’s all here waiting for you!

5.  Perfect Your English

Here in the UK, you’ll be surrounded by native English language speakers wherever you go. You should find that your skills improve enormously in a short time. English language skills are valued by employers, universities and colleges worldwide. Studying here is a great investment in your future.

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