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University of Dundee

University of Dundee

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Nobel Prize winning poet and honorary graduate Seamus Heaney described the University of Dundee as: “having its head in the clouds and its feet firmly on the ground.” The University’s distinctive character comes from our ability to be both aspirational and down-to-earth. We are able to blend ground-breaking intellectual achievement with practical applications. The University has seen many changes since it became an independent institution in 1967. This independence followed a 70 year relationship with the University of St Andrews, but our fundamental aim remains. We have restated this aim in our Transformation Vision. It’s what we do today and it’s what we have always done. That is to: “transform lives locally and globally through the creation, sharing and application of knowledge.” Today we reflect this aim in many ways: excelling in teaching and research; contributing to the social, economic and cultural life of Scotland and the wider world; shaping the future by solving important real-world problems. We aim to become Scotland’s leading University. We want to be the best at what we do in what we choose to do, and be recognised internationally for the quality of our graduates and the impact of our research. We are driven by the desire to solve substantial challenges, and will focus our efforts on three areas: Using global resources in a sustainable way Innovating through design Improving health and wellbeing We will work across subject boundaries; bringing expertise and different viewpoints. This will enable us to approach issues in new, challenging and productive ways. We equip our staff and our students with the means to create real-world impact, help solve global problems and transform lives.

Professional fields:

  • All Business,
  • Management & Finance (BMF) 
  • Engineering, Computer Science & Mathematics (ECM) 
  • Life Sciences (LS) 
  • Humanity and Social Sciences (HSS) 
  • Medicine, Dentistry & Healthcare (MDH) 
  • Built Environment (BE) 
  • Art and Design (AD)